Covid test in Granada

To individuals

Don’t put your family and close environment at risk. Stop the chain of contagion by detecting the Coronavirus in time. We work all over Granada: Almuñecar, Motril, Baza and Granada city centre.

Types of COVID-19 tests in Granada to individuals:



With results in 15 minutes
(Working days Mon-Sat)



With results in one day(Working days Mon-Sat)

*Consult information for emergencies. Subject to availability.



With results in 10-15 minutes



With results in 2 days. (From M-F)

Types of COVID-19 tests in Granada:


29€ with results in 15 minutes.
(Weekdays Mon-Sat)

Panbio COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device is a lateral flow test for the rapid and qualitative detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is the same procedure as the PCR as it is performed on a biological sample taken from the nostrils or throat, but with results in just 15 minutes once the test has been performed. A nasopharyngeal swab is used to obtain samples from people. A confirmation test is not necessary.


70€ with one day results
(Weekdays Mon-Sat)

It is the most sensitive and reliable test for the detection of the virus. PCR can be used to determine whether the infection is active in the first week of infection. This is called ‘early detection’. The presence of the virus is detected through a biological sample taken from the nasal passages or throat, and people who are infected can be identified whether or not they are showing symptoms.


22.50€ with results in 10-15 minutes

Performed through a drop of blood and its purpose is to detect the immune response to the virus. It is possible to know whether there is an active infection there and then (except for the seven-day window period when it would be necessary to perform a PCR) and whether the disease has passed through and antibodies have been generated.


75€ with results in 2 days. (From M-F)

Called an ‘antibody test’. The sample is taken through a blood sample. The ELISA laboratory technique is used to count the antibodies that your body has generated. With it, it is possible to know whether there is an active infection there and then (except for the seven-day window period in which it would be necessary to perform a PCR) and whether the disease has passed through and antibodies have been generated.


50€ with results in 3-4 working days

This post-vaccination immunity test is performed to check immunity after vaccination. It is carried out by means of a blood sample which is analysed in the laboratory and the results are obtained within 3 to 4 working days.

Accredited experience in COVID-19 testing in Granada

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the importance of performing COVID-19 tests to diagnose the presence of the disease or the existence of antibodies to prevent the spread of the virus has been well documented.

Almusalud Prevención is committed to this task by carrying out COVID-19 tests in Granada, both with its client companies and with anyone who is interested, in order to detect positive cases and thus stop spreading the virus and increasing the curve.

Avoiding infection and assessing the state people are in is essential in order to put a stop to this health crisis. Therefore, if you have symptoms or would like to know if you have or have had contact with the disease, do not hesitate to contact us.

Avoid a hazard that can affect your daily life

Almusalud Prevención offers anyone who would like to take a COVID-19 test in Granada a technical team with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, whose common goal has always been to ensure the welfare of companies, avoiding hazards in the workplace and improving employees’ health and safety.

Whether you are a private individual who would like to be tested, or a company that would like its employees to be checked in order to avoid Coronavirus infection, we are your option in Granada and the surrounding province.

Let us be responsible together

Maintaining good health is one of the goals we all have, and every member of society should know that their health does not only affect them, but also their immediate environment such as family or work colleagues.

A pandemic such as the one we are currently going through has left a mark on us as a society, and it is up to us to commit ourselves to behaviours that are safe for others in order to put a stop to this situation.

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